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Why You Should Hire a Drone Photographer

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Technology has had quite an impact on just about every industry out there. One that we will be discussing today is the real estate industry.

When prospective buyers are looking for real estate to purchase, the first place to head to nowadays is online. The photos posted there can make quite an impact as to whether or not they will choose to call in for a viewing. After all, their first impressions are formed from these photos. If you aren’t using professional photographers to capture images of your listings, it’s no surprise why you aren’t booking viewings. Here’s why you, as a real estate agent, should invest in professional real estate photography:

Increase online views

When people see beautiful, professional photos of a house, they’re a lot more likely to click. This means that you’ll be getting more views on listing sites. You’ll easily double your viewings just with some good photos. It isn’t just online attention you’re getting - you’ll be getting more interested leads, as well.

Enhance professionalism

Professional photos of a listing make you, in turn, seem more professional. People will see that your portfolio is filled with beautifully captured listings, which means that they’ll be more inclined to hire you to sell their property. This is great for differentiating you from other agents - a lot of competition means that your work may get lost. But with amazing photos, you’re a lot more likely to get noticed and recognized as a real estate professional.

Save you time

Without a professional photographer you can call on, you’ll be left to take your own photos, process and edit them, resize them if need be, and post them. If they don’t come out nicely, you may even have to shoot them again. A professional real estate photographer knows how to make a listing look amazing, and they are well-versed in the editing and delivery process. You can spend all your time and effort doing other things to sell your listing while not having to worry about the photos.

Give you an edge on the competition

When you’re trying to grab a good listing, keep in mind that people are much more likely to choose the agent with the incredible photos. They know that when their home is captured in a good light, they are much more likely to sell faster and at a better price. There’s a good chance that your competition is already using professional photographers, so why aren’t you? By working with one, you aren’t only seen as more professional, but you get more views for each listing and get to stand out more.

Help you sell more quickly

It is observed that listings with professional real estate photos are likely to sell more quickly. They can sell up to 50 percent more quickly compared to similar homes that are not listed with professional photographs. People perceive these listings as better and more appealing compared with those taken with a simple camera by an amateur. The first way to sell is to make your product appealing to people’s eyes. This is what professional real estate photographers do. They make your listing look attractive and convince people to click. Without beautiful photos, your listing will probably be sitting there for a lot longer.

There are so many reasons that professional real estate photographers can help you sell your listing. If you haven’t got one on speed dial, we’d recommend that you look for one. Not only will they contribute to your professional image and help you get more listings, but they will help you sell those listings more quickly by making those properties look their best.

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