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Great news: We can enter on Supra! We will need the CBS Code. Since we are an affiliate HAR member, not a licensed Realtor, there is one extra step for us to enter the property, which is the CBS code.


A CBS code is registered to every Supra box and can easily be obtained through the eKEY app. Follow the steps below or on the attached PDF.


eKEY App Instructions:

  • Log in to your eKEY app from your smartphone or tablet device. Click on the Inventory icon and select the serial numberof the Supra you need the CBS code for. This will open the Keybox Details. Click Edit at the bottom of the screen. Then swipe the button next to Require CBS so you see it turn green; this will show the CBS code to the Supra box.

If you do not have the eKEY app, you can email us the serial number to the Supra box that is on the property and HAR will provide us with the code.

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