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  • How should the property be prepared prior to being photographed?
    From lighting to decluttering to exterior elements, our tips provide you with valuable information to prepare your property and guarantee that it is photography ready. These guidelines in our Picture-Perfect Presentation can be downloaded here.
  • What if I cannot meet the photgrapher?
    Great news: We can enter on combo or Supra. Please be sure to provide the combo number the day prior to the shoot. If the home is on Supra, we will need the CBS Code. Since we are an affiliate HAR member, not a licensed Realtor, there is one extra step for us to enter the property, which is the CBS code. A CBS code is registered to every Supra box and can easily be obtained through the eKEY app. Follow the steps below or on the attached PDF. eKEY App Instructions: Log in to your eKEY app from your smartphone or tablet device. Click on the Inventory icon and select the serial number of the Supra you need the CBS code for. This will open the Keybox Details. Click Edit at the bottom of the screen. Then swipe the button next to Require CBS so you see it turn green; this will show the CBS code to the Supra box. If you do not have the eKEY app, you can email us the serial number to the Supra box that is on the property and HAR will provide us with the code. IMPORTANT: We will need to know if there is a gate code, alarm, pets, etc., prior to the photo shoot. If you have any specific angle requests or rooms to photograph, be sure to let the office know.
  • Do you uplaod to the MLS?
    Yes, we will check the MLS after the photos are edited. This service is offered free of charge. If the listing is: Active with no photos: We will upload our photos to your listing. Active with photos: We will ask if it is okay to replace them when we send you the Dropbox link. Incomplete: If you provide the MLS number, we can load the photos. Inactive: Please call or email the office when the listing goes live and we will upload the photos for you.
  • What do you charge for your photography services?
    We offer several packages and options beginning at $85 for a basic photo package. Aerial photography, video tours, and brochures are among our offerings. A full menu of services and prices are available Here.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    Appointments can be requested by our online scheduling form or by calling 278-2499‬ during business hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. We recommend two to three days advance notice.
  • How long does a full photo shoot take?
    A average photo shoot averages between 30 and 45 minutes but it it may take longer depending on any additional services needed.
  • Do you charge a travel fee?
    We cover a majority of Houston and the surrounding area; however, a drive time fee may be applicable to locations that are not typically covered. 30-40 miles away = $25 Fee 40-50 miles away = $35 Fee
  • When will I recieve the photos?
    For Residential clients, photos will be ready the next business day. We will send you a link via email to our dashboard. The link includes both the high-resolution photos for your brochures and marketing material, as well as the correct size for MLS, email, and web. Commercial clients will receive photos within 1 week upon receipt of selection. As a reminder, we are closed on the weekend; therefore, photos taken on Friday will be ready on Monday.
  • Why is the direction the front of the property faces important?
    We want to capture the front exterior when the sun is shining on the front of the property. Below is the best time of day to photograph based on the direction the front faces: East – Morning West – Afternoon South – All day North – Does not get direct sunlight. Unfortunately, on sunny days the front will shadow itself. A dusk shoot or overcast day is ideal for north-facing properties.
  • How many pictures should be taken?
    It depends on your preference. There are many factors that will determine the selection. The photographer can help you decide how many photos are needed at the shoot if you are not sure.
  • What If the weather is bad?
    We can reschedule the shoot to the next available date at no charge. If you prefer to keep the appointment, we can photograph the interiors of the home; we will then reschedule the exteriors, for a $50 return shoot fee.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    There is no cancellation fee if you notify us the day before the photo shoot. For same day cancellations of daytime shoots, there is a $50 fee.


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